Sedeveria Pink Ruby

Sedeveria Pink Ruby features deep crimson hues when stressed and generally has symmetrical rosettes that mature into clusters as they age. Each cluster requested will have 3-4 rosettes and will measure in at about 2.5-4" across. The photos shown here are some of the actual plants we have sourced in the past.

If you request a Sedeveria Pink Ruby from us we will source something similar in terms of size/shape to the Sedeveria Pink Ruby clusters shown.

Colors can vary on this cultivar depending on time of year and stress levels. Ruby coloration can be enhanced by colder temperatures and bright UV. These can lose their bright ruby red coloration during periods of warmer temperatures or low light conditions.

This plant is beginner friendly for new rare collectors. It's a forgiving succulent that tends to be rot resistant (not rot proof, but tolerates mistakes better than other rare succulents) and can also go very long periods without water as well. Makes a great gift for a budding gardener.

Sedeveria Pink Rubies are typically shipped with sparse, mature roots, but will root easily.

The first photo pictured is property of Cedar Creek Farmhouse and it features actual plants we have sold. The second and third photos were provided by our partner farm and show the plants as they are being cultivated. Coloration of this cultivar may vary depending on time of year and the plants shown in our photos may be either cold stressed or UV stressed. If you wish to use our photos please send us a permission request.


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Our apologies! At the moment Sedeveria Pink Ruby is temporarily unavailable for request. This simply means that our cultivating farms are low on stock today for this particular cultivar. Don't worry! Inventory levels change with our farms almost daily. We'd be happy to text you when we have more Sedeveria Pink Ruby available for request. Simply text RUBY to 1-833-772-3327 and we'll let you know the moment our farms restock.

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