Braunsia Branches

Braunsia (also known as Maximiliani Echinus) is a trailing succulent that makes a beautiful addition to any mixed arrangement. Braunsia stems mature almost wooden in appearance and can reach 7-8" long.

Braunsia leaves shrivel back each year to expose a fresh set. Their adorably chunky leaves are prized for their bright green, plump appearance and are almost heart-shaped.

In spring mature branches of Braunsia will put out flowers that are similar to what you would expect to see from a conophytum or a lithops. Their flowers are daisy-like in appearance and are usually pink or purple in color.

Braunsia likes more water than most succulents. Plant in well-draining organic medium and water regularly.

We encourage anyone who is interested in Braunsia to invest in a water propagation vessel for each Braunsia clump you purchase. You can purchase one of ours here. These almost always ship with very sparse roots and root in water easily. To root in water simply submerge a small amount of the stem under the water and the stem will produce roots in about a week's time.

Sizes of the branches will vary from farm to farm. Final pricing will reflect branch size and quality.

All photos are property of Cedar Creek Farmhouse and feature actual plants we have sold. Coloration of this cultivar may vary depending on time of year and the plants shown in our photos may be either cold stressed or UV stressed. If you wish to use our photos please send us a permission request.


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