Echeveria Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate was first introduced in spring of 2021, so this cultivar is still extremely new. As its name implies, these rosettes are a super rich, yummy deep chocolate color. 

As with all brand new hybrids they tend to be a little expensive their first year. Less farms are cultivating them, demand is high and the farms have the ability to set their own market prices. What usually happens when the cultivar is popular more farms will start to cultivate it and the price slowly starts to come down as supply increases. Sometimes if the cultivar is difficult to reproduce, has stability issues in form, or if the demand wasn't as high as the farm expected then the hybrid isn't mass cultivated and stays extremely rare. We've seen that before too. 

This is one we hope will be around for awhile. We love the moody hues and the form on these rosettes are beautiful. They're just a little expensive yet, but we're happy to procure one for you upon request. 

Most of these rosettes will measure in at about 3-3.5" across. Bare root availability depends on the cultivating farm. 

All photos are property of Cedar Creek Farmhouse and feature actual plants we have sold. Coloration of this cultivar may vary depending on time of year and the plants shown in our photos may be either cold stressed or UV stressed. If you wish to use our photos please send us a permission request.


How to Request an Echeveria Dark Chocolate






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Our apologies! At the moment Echeveria Dark Chocolate is temporarily unavailable for request. This simply means that our cultivating farms are low on stock today for this particular cultivar. Don't worry! Inventory levels change with our farms almost daily. We'd be happy to text you when we have more Echeveria Dark Chocolate available for request. Simply text DARKCHOCOLATE (no spaces) to 1-833-772-3327 and we'll let you know the moment our farms restock.

Thanks! We will notify you when this product becomes available!

If you are still interested in requesting this cultivar please click here to be notified when this cultivar is available again at our farms. We will send you a notification as soon as our farms have more availability and you will be able to confirm your request at that time.