Echeveria Japan Moon River

Nothing compares to the banana cream yellows of Moon River, with her golden hues that mimic the reflection of a late summer moon. If you're like me, you cannot help but think of Audrey Hepburn and hum the song all day. Such a beautiful and timeless classic.

These can get quite large if left to grow individually, but they divide and branch out if allowed to cluster. Moon River can produce unusual mutations on the same stem if left to cluster-- it's a very unique and highly prized succulent.

Requested heads will be single rosettes. If you would like a cluster and don't mind being patient please visit our Custom Requests and tell us what you're looking for.

This cultivar produces a thick, heavily wooden stem. These almost always ship stem only and they can pull moisture from some of their outermost leaves as they settle in. Perfection should not be expected in Moon River, these are known to have rust colored age spots as they mature and most do after they hit a few years old.

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