Permanent changes to Cedar Creek Farmhouse Shipping Policy


Change effective May 7th, 2021


Unfortunately due to the ongoing issues surrounding USPS deliveries and the nature of live plants, we will be making a permanent switch to UPS for continental US shipments from this point forward.

We have always proudly offered complimentary standard shipping on our plants, but for the last year we have seen slow shipments, incorrect routing, lost packages and a lack of tracking scans through USPS. We have had to refund many orders due to these issues with USPS and the impacts of these lost and delayed packages are felt within our business and by our customers.

These policy changes come with a heavy heart and a lot of careful consideration, but moving forward we will have to start shipping predominantly with UPS. We want to ensure safe and reliable deliveries through a trusted carrier and for us that carrier is UPS.

Because UPS charges more for deliveries than USPS, we will have to start imposing a shipping fee on live plant orders. Please know we are doing this because we genuinely want to ensure safe and reliable deliveries of your CCF orders. It is so important to us that you receive only the healthiest plants, and switching to UPS is the best way we know to ensure healthy and happy deliveries.


What these changes mean for our shipping schedule:

Packages will ship out on Mondays or Tuesdays and each package will arrive by Friday (except for very rare instances).


Standard Shipping Charges Per Shipment:

$12 East Coast (unlimited number of plant orders/combined shipping fee)

$18 West Coast (unlimited number of plant orders/combined shipping fee)

-Shipping to the East Coast will be provided by UPS GROUND and will be in transit no longer than 3 days.

-Shipping to the West Coast will be provided by UPS AIR and will be in transit no longer than 3 days.

-Overnight charges will remain the same and are always optional.

-If you already have a retail order with shipping paid in our system we will look at that order and you will only be charged actual shipping costs for everything across all of your orders.


When will I be charged for Shipping?

Since our upload is live and our customers checkout for each plant as they are listed, we will not charge shipping at the time of checkout (in order to prevent a shipping charge for each order). You will receive an invoice to your email address on file for shipping charges within 24 hours of our last weekend upload. You will not be required to pay this invoice immediately - we will still ship your plant(s) on our next scheduled shipping date, and ask that you please pay the invoice within a week at your convenience. Please note that if you have any shipping invoices that are over 10 days past due, future orders will cancel until any outstanding shipping invoices are satisfied.


What if I do not want UPS?

If you are not a fan of UPS (or reside in Alaska or Hawaii) you can still request USPS service. USPS Priority Mail will remain only $8 no matter where you are in the country. Simply click here to checkout for Priority Mail service at the end of any live upload. You will need to do this each weekend that you order. If you would like to let us know that you prefer USPS Priority mail as your shipping default, just send us an email to and we will make sure to bill you for Priority Mail each week.

Please note: We can no longer guarantee safe arrival of USPS packages and we have no way of checking on a package beyond the provided tracking once it has been handed over to USPS. If there are any issues with your USPS package you will have to call 1-800-ASK-USPS and ask them for help. We’re so sorry about this guys, it’s not an ideal situation, but they do not tell us anything beyond what the tracking number says. Insurance claims must also be filed by the recipient. The $8 will cover insurance, but as stated above, that has to be filed by you if something goes awry.


What if I would like to hold my shipments until next week to combine shipping?

That is totally fine, we understand the desire to combine shipments. Please click this link at the end of the upload and enter your preferred ship date. Please ensure your combined shipping date is no longer than two weeks out and make sure you are happy with the ship date entered (as we will automatically ship on that date). And please know that plants change and settle post shipping. Your plants may pull leaves, open or change color as they start trying to put out fresh roots and settle in. This is part of the process with imported succulents and if we hold your order, your plants may change slightly from the photos/video.


A word from Crystal

Thank you again for supporting my small business. Charging for shipping is not something that we want to do, but some of the most recent delays we have seen through USPS are not ideal for plants and we want to make sure we’re shipping out the best quality available. These proposed shipping changes have honestly kept me up at night; however, it’s just something we’re going to need to do if we’re going to ensure quality shipments. I hope you all will understand and if we lose you as a customer due to these changes please know that I have sincerely appreciated your support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with me. I really appreciate everyone’s understanding around these changes. These are difficult times and I want to make sure we’re doing right by our customers and their  plants and I truly think making the switch to UPS is imperative for CCF moving forward. If the situation with USPS gets better we will absolutely revisit free standard shipping, as I loved offering that to you guys, but the most important thing to me is that your plants arrive safe and sound.