How Our Special Requests Work

Our Special Requests are not presales nor or they orders. This is a platform for formal requests that links in with a database so we can show you what we're currently able to source from our farms. 

You are not asked for any payment today to submit your requests and if conditions aren't optimal or we have trouble importing your requests then your requests may cancel. We will do our best, but with living inventory it is very tricky and perfect shipments cannot always be guaranteed. We are under no obligation to fulfill any request and you only pay for the requests you approve. There's no obligation on you (nor CCF) in this process. 

So how does it work? 

Step 1- It's a fairly straightforward process. You simply browse our Requests catalog (located here) and make your selections. Any plants you are able to add to your Requests Cart are currently in stock at our partner farms. Our inventory levels are interactive with our partner farms and are updated in real time.

If you are unable to add your desired cultivar to your Requests Cart then it means that our partner farms are currently sold out and that cultivar is temporarily unavailable-- but don't fret! You can still add your email address and we'll contact everyone who gave us their email the second it's made available for requests again. 

Step 2- Once you have made your final selections click the cart icon to be taken to the Requests Finalization steps. Here you simply enter your name, address and formally submit your requests. No credit card or payment is needed at this stage because we don't want to take payment until your plant is in-house, inspected for quality and shown to you for your approval. You will be sent a confirmation that we have accepted your requests and are working to procure them. 

Step 3- It takes about 2-3 weeks for us to get in our requests. Your plants are not in transit that long. We use DHL, but our farms have to allow the roots to dry out slightly for any plants shipping with bare roots and then they have to do legal paperwork to be able to export. Depending on their current workload this process can take two weeks.

Step 4- Once your plant arrives at Cedar Creek Farmhouse we will then inspect it for quality. If it shipped poorly we will let you know via a Request Cancellation email (we hate it when this happens, it's not fun for either of us. With any living thing patience is a virtue and you are welcome to try your request again).

If your request shipped well then we will send you a link where you can see a little video of your plant and decide if it's everything you had hoped for. If it makes your heart sing then you simply complete checkout and it's yours. 

Step 5- Your plant is shipped out on our next scheduled shipping days. We ship plants on Mondays and Tuesdays. Shipping on living products is (and has always been) complimentary at our shop. Complimentary shipping includes First Class mail for orders weighing in less than 15oz and we upgrade to USPS Priority Mail for orders containing three or more plants. UPS 2-Day and UPS overnight are also available, for an additional charge. You are welcome to upgrade your shipping speed at any time if you would prefer faster service. 

We sincerely hope you like our new Requests site and even more than that we hope you love your plants! If there's anything you'd like to see added to the catalog or if you have ideas on how to improve this process please feel free to drop us a line at