Custom Requests Catalog

Custom Request Plants have a $15 procurement fee associated with each request. This fee will be added onto the market price of your requested plant upon successful acquisition. 

Our Custom Request Catalog features mostly unicorns, also some plants that are really hard to track down and a few that don't always ship as anticipated. 

When you make a Custom Request we will personally email you within 2-3 days to let you know we are working on your request. We will ask you to confirm your request via email. If you do not respond to our email within 3 days we will cancel the Custom Request.

In this catalog we do not necessarily have current availability on all of the cultivars shown because these plants are so very rare. This catalog is not tied in with an inventory database because most of our farms simply do not always have availability of these cultivars. For these reasons we cannot guarantee that we will be able to procure all Custom Requests. 

We will, however, do our very best to secure your Custom Request. To procure these plants we will cross reference old orders and contact farms we have purchased from in the past. Some of the plants we sell are one of a kind hybrids that are never brought back-- it's unfortunate, but it happens. You are welcome to ask us about anything, even if it is not shown, but some hybrids we only see for one season.

The plants shown in this catalog will take extra time to source, sometimes up to 60 days before we find just the right one. If we have not found what you have requested after 60 days your request will automatically cancel (there will be no fee in this instance) and you would be welcome to place the request again if you are still interested and we will keep looking for another 60 days. You will need to be patient with us if you are selecting a Custom Order plant.

As mentioned there is a $15 acquisition fee upon successful procurement of your request. This fee will be in addition to the market price of your request. The acquisition fee covers the time involved researching our records and reaching out to farms. Each of the plants shown here are difficult to find. You'll pay nothing unless we are able to procure you a beautiful plant that has arrived safely at CCF.

Please be considerate and only request plants you have a genuine intention of purchasing. If you would like to cancel a confirmed request you made from our Custom Request catalog simply send an email to with your request confirmation number and we'll stop the sourcing process. 

Many of these plants require certain weather conditions to import beautifully. During certain seasons some of the cultivars shown here may temporarily be unavailable for Custom Request. 

Frequently Asked Questions Around Custom Requests

What is the difference between Special Requests and Custom Requests?

In our Special Request catalog the plants that are showing as available for request are currently in stock at one or more of our partner farms. The availability on Special Requests is guaranteed and if you submit a formal request we will order your plant immediately at one of our farms. Special Requests are a three week lead time, no sourcing fees. 

In our Custom Request catalog many of the plants shown here are so rare that we may hit a snag in procuring an exceptional specimen. In many instances we have to contact multiple farms we have worked with in the past in an attempt to hunt down the requested specimen. There's almost always additional lead time needed to source these requests. And a lot of these cultivars can be tricky to import and requires expert knowledge of when to ship and how to ship to ensure a great quality plant. If the weather changes plant quality can change as well... these plants are just extra tricky.

Custom Request have up to an eight week lead time (please allow us ample time to find you an exceptional specimen) $15 Custom Request Fee applies to each cultivar upon successful completion of the Custom Request (you pay nothing if you do not like what we have sourced). 

Wait... isn't this a Presale? 

No :) A presale is when a merchant takes money from a customer in anticipation of receiving a product at a later date and fulfilling the order when the product arrives. Presales are extremely tricky with a living product because plants don't always ship the way we anticipate. This site isn't based on a presale model at all. We are simply taking your requests in a more formal way and showing you what we are able to source in real time each day. You pay nothing upfront because we cannot be sure of how the plants will ship until they arrive. If you like the Custom Request plant we have sourced for you then you'll pay market price + a $15 sourcing fee.

Am I obligated to purchase my request?

You are under no obligation to complete the purchase of your request. Once the plant(s) you requested arrive we'll send you a link to see a short video clip of the plant we have sourced for you. If you love what we have picked you simply checkout at that time and we'll ship her on our next scheduled shipping day.

Please remember we are a small family run business and you do need to be knowledgeable of our prices and only request plants you are truly interested in. Each cultivar will have a price range listed in the drop down menus of each cultivar page. 

What is the lead time?

This varies wildly on Custom Requests. It could be as soon as three weeks, but may take us as long as eight weeks. If we are unable to source your plant after eight weeks we will contact you to let you know. 

What if my unicorn isn't listed? 

Please select the Custom Order icon. You'll see a space to write in your cultivar. We will contact you a few days after your Request confirmation and ask for additional details and possibly photos of what you're looking for. In some cases acquisition may be impossible-- the internet is full of plants that are truly one in a million. For example, variegated Laui... we have not seen this unicorn at any of our partner farms in the past four years (and we've seen hundreds of thousands of plants for sale), but there are photos of a real variegated Laui on the internet so it does exist, it's just a one in a million plant). 

We'll touch base with you after your Custom request to let you know the probability of being able to source your write in request. 

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